decibel geek Spotlight: D.A. Karkos

By Chris Czynszak

It goes without saying that Nashville has always had the reputation of a "country" town. It's a reputation well-earned with virtually every dime-a-dozen dreamer with a cowboy hat and acoustic guitar winding up in Music City with a quest for fame and fortune. It typically ends up being a charitable endeavor. But, I digress.

Nashville's edgier rock and roll side has always been there but seems to get overshadowed on a national scale. Over the past decade, Nashville's reputation in the rock music world has become increasingly more pronounced. One person that is working at the heart of this Nashville rock revolution is D.A.Karkos.   Read more...

Legendary Rock Interviews: D.A. Karkos

D.A Karkos (Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter) talks about the John Corabi Band, Jerry Gaskill and more

By John Parks

D.A. Karkos is a Nashville based vocalist, guitarist, producer, engineer, songwriter and all-around go-to music guy that you’ll probably start hearing more about in the very near future.  The first time I talked with John Corabi (ex- Motley Crue, Union) about D.A, over a year ago…he was already on his way to not only producing but performing on as well as engineering and co-writing material for Corabi’s new “UNPLUGGED” album.  D.A.’s music can be checked out on Reverbnation and youtube but he is wise to keep good company as well and has a new project already underway with legendary producer Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Extreme, Accept) and the amazing Jerry Gaskill (longtime drummer of the equally amazing band, King’s X).  I recently had the pleasure to talk with D.A. about a number of these projects, his background and a lot more. Read on...