There is metal and there is funk and there is prog rock and there is R&B, and somewhere where these genres intersect, there is King’s X. The legendary band has been performing together for close to 35 years now, and they’re going just as strong as ever. With a slew of classic albums under their belt, a penchant for hard-rocking live shows, and a reputation as one of the best hard rock acts of all time, they find themselves this September in, where else, Binghamton. Carousel recently touched base with drummer Jerry Gaskill for an interview. Here’s how it went:



Reviews of Unplugged by John Corabi

Didn't know this guy until he opened up for a Cinderella concert. It was acoustic but BLEW ME AWAY! Bought his CD there immediately (which he graciously signed for me...he's very approachable) then bought this one later on Amazon. He puts on a GREAT show if you ever have a chance to see him. You won't be disappointed. Great entertainer, very friendly, great rockin tunes, share funny stories behind his lyrics & a phenomenal voice. When you leave you feel like you've been hanging out with a new really cool friend (who happens to sing really good ;0).

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John Corabi - 'Unplugged' Review

A truly marvellous, heart-felt, magnificently recorded acoustic album.

John Corabi’s claim to fame arrived when he was hired to join Mötley Crüe, replacing singer Vince Neil from 1992 to 1997. During his tenancy with them, the band released their superb self-titled album in 1994, an album that for many has been the best the American group ever recorded, yet one that with the grunge scene exploding, wasn’t commercially as successful as the previous material and forced the band to bring Neil back to their ranks. Other ventures from Corabi include Union, The Scream, ESP, Brides Of Destruction, Lost Angels and Ratt. However, in his 20-plus-year career, he had never released a solo album. Until now!

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Classic Rock Revisited

Jerry Gaskill: Hitting the Road of Life

The three-piece band King's X has quite a long and varied career.

Respected by many for their expert musicianship and killer tunes they are still going strong. Lately, versatile drummer Jerry Gaskill has a lot going on, from working on a solo CD to several summer dates with his longtime band King's X.




Jerry Gaskill is the drummer of the hard rock band King’s X. Most importantly he is a very determined man who refuses to give up despite all the obstacles that life has put in front of him lately. I mean, in 2012, the guy has suffered a severe heart attack and his house was completely destroyed but Gaskill is still going strong...even stronger than ever! In the wake of Gaskill’s second solo release we get in touch with him and learn all the details without failing to ask him about what’s going on in the King’s X camp.



The Writer's Journey

John Corabi Unplugged Review

Hard rock vocalist John Corabi has released his first solo recording, an acoustic collection of new songs and classics from his former bands. Corabi treats listeners to three songs originally recorded by The Scream (“Father, Mother, Son,” “Man In The Moon,” “I Never Loved Her Anyway”), two Mötley Crüe songs (“Hooligan’s Holiday,” “Loveshine”), and two Union tracks (“Love (I Don’t Need It Anymore),” “Everything’s Alright”) in addition to five new compositions.


Decibel Geek

Decibel Geek

Decibel Geek Spotlight: D.A. Karkos

It goes without saying that Nashville has always had the reputation of a "country" town. It's a reputation well-earned with virtually every dime-a-dozen dreamer with a cowboy hat and acoustic guitar winding up in Music City with a quest for fame and fortune. It typically ends up being a charitable endeavor. But, I digress.

Nashville's edgier rock and roll side has always been there but seems to get overshadowed on a national scale. Over the past decade, Nashville's reputation in the rock music world has become increasingly more pronounced. One person that is working at the heart of this Nashville rock revolution is D.A.Karkos

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Legendary Rock Interviews

Legendary Rock Interviews

D.A Karkos (Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter) talks about the John Corabi Band, Jerry Gaskill and more

D.A. Karkos is a Nashville based vocalist, guitarist, producer, engineer, songwriter and all-around go-to music guy that you’ll probably start hearing more about in the very near future.  The first time I talked with John Corabi (ex- Motley Crue, Union) about D.A, over a year ago…he was already on his way to not only producing but performing on as well as engineering and co-writing material for Corabi’s new “UNPLUGGED” album.  D.A.’s music can be checked out on Reverbnation and youtube but he is wise to keep good company as well and has a new project already underway with legendary producer Michael Wagener (Skid Row, Extreme, Accept) and the amazing Jerry Gaskill (longtime drummer of the equally amazing band, King’s X).  I recently had the pleasure to talk with D.A. about a number of these projects, his background and a lot more... 

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Legendary Rock Interviews

John Corabi talks about his current band line up, new album, and touring

I talked to John Corabi a year or so ago and he was still in the stages of recording his next album but had mentioned that it was going very well and would be an unplugged album representing all phases of his career. Since then, John has toured the world, finished that album and released it to overwhelmingly positive reviews. It’s no wonder why as the album retains a lot of the loose and fun elements of his shows. In other words, it’s a studio acoustic album which amazingly captures all the spontaneity which has made Crabby such a confident and capable live performer for over three decades. John can talk and talk about pretty much any subject and we did just that! We also took a few questions from readers of LRI and the Motley Crue Shout Forum as well….

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Rockulus Maximus

Rockulus Maximus

Q & A John Corabi

I've got to admit that I've been smitten with John Corabi's voice and songwriting for many years now. I'm one of those guys who has been buying the CDs he's been signing and playing on. From bands like The Scream, Twenty 4 Seven, Mötley Crüe and Union, to his more recent exploits as a solo artist. I suspect he slips below a lot of people's radar when it comes to Rock music, so since his arrival home from touring in promotion of his acoustic album "Unplugged" I was most fortunate enough to grab the crab for some straight forward Q&As..

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Modern Drummer

Modern Drummer

Jerry Gaskill of King’s X

Hi MD readers! Let’s start by saying 2012 started off great. In January, I flew to Nashville to begin working on my second solo record with my friend/collaborator/producer, D A Karkos.

Now let me backtrack just a bit. Near the end of 2011, my friend Ed Frost, whom I’ve known since he was born, invited me to a Philadelphia Eagles game. We started talking about the record I’d been trying to make, and he asked what it would take to do it. I told him, and he said, “I can do that!” However, on February 26, 2012, I died...

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Catfish Stew

John Corabi "Unplugged" Review

The long awaited solo debut from former The Scream, Mötley Crüe and Union frontman, John Corabi, has FINALLY arrived and while it is a departure from what you would expect as a debut solo album, it does not disappoint.  The fact that John has issued an acoustic album is not a shock to anyone who has followed his career but to issue an acoustic album as your debut solo effort is a ballsy move in my opinion.  That being said, John is one of a few artists that could pull off such a feat after the career fronting the bands that he has. 


Ex-MÖTLEY CRÜE Singer JOHN CORABI Interviewed In Italy

Fare Spazio In TV conducted an interview with hard rock vocalist John Corabi — best known for his vocal work with THE SCREAM, MÖTLEY CRÜE and UNION — when he played in Pisa, Italy in October. You can now watch the chat below.

Corabi serves up a passionate, soulful dose of both new and classic songs on this all-new acoustic release. Available on Rat Pak Records, "Unplugged" offers five new original tracks, seven re-recorded classic songs and in addition, features an exclusive 2012 behind-the-scenes interview with John.


Houston Press


Rocks Off readers of a certain age will fondly remember Jerry Gaskill as the drummer from pioneering proto-grunge/metal band King's X. Perhaps many of you, like us, even had tickets to trio's show earlier this year at Warehouse Live that was cancelled after Gaskill had a heart attack. More bad news came after Hurricane Sandy passed through the East Coast last week.

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Ed Frost at Aeris Consulting & Mgt / EMMJAMM Music has issued the following message to the fans:

Hello everyone,
Once again, a sad period is effecting our friend Jerry Gaskill and his new bride Julie. I just spoke to Jerry and he and Julie are ok, and very optimistic of the future, despite losing every material possession to this dreadful storm. It's been one helluva journey for him this year - cheating death, marrying his soul mate, a successful tour with KANSAS, the announcement of a new solo project kicking off next month, and now this....

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The Metal Resource

‘King’s X’ Drummer To Begin Recording New Solo Album In November

King’s X drummer Jerry Gaskill and Nashville-based songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist D.A. Karkos will track drums for Gaskill‘s solo record in late November with legendary producer/engineer/mixer Michael Wagener at Wagener‘s WireWorld studio in Nashville. The rest of the record will be recorded at Karkos‘ Underdog Studio in Nashville.

Jerry writes: “One month from today, I will be in Nashville to start recording drums for my next solo record at Michael Wagener‘sWireWorld Studio. What a gift and what an honor! Me, my friend D.A. Karkos [who I’m making this record with] and Michael are all very excited. Can’t wait for everyone to hear it. Just thought you might want to know…”

D.A. adds: “Some great news for the Jerry Gaskill project! A month from now… Jerry and I are heading over to Michael Wagener‘s WireWorld studio to track drums for Jerry‘s record! Words can’t describe the way I [we] feel. Way beyond excited about this! This is HUGE!”


JOHN CORABI: New Video Interview Posted Online

Corabi serves up a passionate, soulful dose of both new and classic songs on his all-new acoustic release. Due on November 13 via Rat Pak Records, "Unplugged" offers five new original tracks, seven re-recorded classic songs and in addition, features an exclusive 2012 behind-the-scenes interview with John. The album features John Corabi on vocals/guitar, Cheney Brannon (formerly of COLLECTIVE SOUL) on percussion/vocals, Topher Nolen on bass/vocals, D.A. Karkos on guitar/vocals, Matt Farley on percussion/vocals and Bruce Kulick (KISS, GRAND FUNK RAILROAD) on guitar (on "Hoolgan's Holiday" and "Man In The Moon").


JOHN CORABI Performs Song From Upcoming 'Unplugged' CD

Video footage of John Corabi — former lead singer of MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE SCREAM and UNION — and his solo band performing the song "If I Had A Dime" from his "Unplugged" CD on August 18 at DTE Energy Music Theatre in Clarkston, Michigan can be seen below. The clip was shot and edited by Scott Nolen.

Corabi's band consists of the following musicians:
John Corabi (lead vocals, guitar)
D A Karkos (guitar, vocals)
Topher Nolen (bass, vocals)
Cheney Brannon (drums, vocals)


Horns Up Rocks

Message from Jerry Gaskill

Right before Jerry Gaskill suffered a heart attack in late February, the drummer for legendary rockers KING'S X, was busy demoing material for his upcoming solo album with Nashville-based songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist D.A. Karkos. 

"As of now, we have 11 killer songs that we believe will be some of Jerry's (and my) best work to date. And when the time comes, we plan on having some very special guest musicians/friends lend some of their talents to the record as well. Needless to say (but I'm saying it anyway), we are very excited about all of this! 

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